Friday, February 15, 2013

Engage Children in the 5E Learning Cycle with the EnteleTrons™

The 5E Learning Cycle Explained

The 5E Learning Cycle, as presented by the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, identifies the five stages of learning a STEM topic: Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Extension, and Evaluation.
Each stage serves a specific purpose in the integration of learning. Each helps the child to develop an understanding of the curriculum focus. Each has merit, but none more than the first – the engagement of the student as motivation to learn. Without engagement, the other four fall into the black hole of apathetic education.

The EnteleTrons™ engage students

Entelechy Education, LLC offers a unique series of EnteleTrons™ books to inspire young readers to investigate the STEM topics through the other four stages of the 5E Learning Cycle. The EnteleTrons™ books present STEM topics in a fictionalized story that will motivate even the most reluctant readers.
Furthermore, the EnteleTrons™ books incorporate valuable character education into every book while developing strong literacy lessons with their accompanying EnteleKey™ Learning Guides. The K-5 student receives an holistic educational approach to science, technology, engineering, math, character education, and literacy.

5E in a K-1 classroom

A sample 5E Learning Cycle on the topic of light refraction to create rainbows in the K-1 classroom might look something like this:
Engagement – Read Where’s Green? and discuss prior knowledge of rainbows.
Exploration – Students use the discovery table to explore different styles of prisms and rainbow-themed crafts.
Explanation – Show a grade-appropriate video that explains the science of light refraction through water and prisms.
Extension – Students develop a way to capture a rainbow in the classroom using an empty jar, available water, white paper, and a sunny window.
Evaluation – Given a paper with only a prism image, students will draw the sunlight filtering through the prism, refracting the light into the seven rainbow colors in proper order.
The other books in the EnteleTrons™ series will present other STEM topics, character education, and literacy lessons in a similar manner for engagement of the young learner in the curriculum. To see the future topics that the three EnteleTrons™, Ellie, Ning, and Priti will tackle in their adventures, go to the K-5 STEM-C™ Literacy Guide.
Order the first title, Where’s Green? by RenĂ©e Heiss and Gary A. Stewart, illustrated by Fay Cofranceso now for your March rainbow-themed activities.
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Resource: Bybee, R., Taylor, J. A., Gardner, A., Van Scotter, P., Carlson, J., Westbrook, A., Landes, N. (2006). The BSCS 5E Instructional Model: Origins and Effectiveness. Colorado Springs, CO: BSCS.

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