Wednesday, July 24, 2013

STEM education influences career plans

There’s a growing drumbeat regarding the need for improved STEM education --- education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  And rightfully so. There are now over 7 billion people inhabiting this Earth --- all competing for resources, sometimes creating conflict, and certainly contributing to our collective advancement as a truly global society.

Given the nature of the STEM topics, “hands-on” programs are essential --- and there are a lot of good people doing a lot of good work developing new programs --- but mainly focusing on high school and middle school teachers and students --- with far less attention given to elementary school children.

Since there will always be a need to teach children to read --- what if we were able to teach basic science concepts, at an earlier age, in a way that is engaging, taking full advantage of our schools’ standard reading and literacy curriculum?

We know this is possible --- so we are taking a different path --- and here’s why:

1. We know that early exposure to STEM fields strongly influences career plans.

2. We also know that character development is equally important for members of a global society --- character development makes a huge difference in how children’s brains develop --- and when children use positive character traits to solve problems, conflict decreases.

3. Finally, we know that when children are in a fun, comfortable environment, they learn more quickly.

So we have created a new category of children’s books --- TheEnteleTrons™ series, in hard copy and e-book versions --- which blend both STEM topics and character education themes in a fun environment. The EnteleTrons™ are three, basic sub-atomic particles that come to life and lead young readers through adventures around the universe, teaching wholesome and scientifically-sound material.

We are now poised to expand the series, translate to different languages, and move into newer, multi-media and animation formats to enhance appeal by combining education with entertainment --- and we’re excited about the broad and long-term possibilities.

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Teach your kids to THINK!

Entelechy Education, LLC looks to the future by preparing children to THINK creatively about STEM topics, language literacy, and character education.
CEOs, including Logitech's Bracken Darrell, Aetna's Mark Bertolini,’s Jeff Bezos, and Intel co-founder Andy Grove have emphasized how important language literacy is to a STEM education. Consider the new game Creative Connections – STEMEdition, developed by Entelechy Education, LLC. In this unique, stimulating game, children are encouraged to create connections between two or more STEM topics.  This is easier said than done, because children typically wait patiently for the teacher or parent to provide the answer, when they take too long to respond.  According to Entelechy Education, LLC c-founder RenĂ©e Heiss, our children are a generation of spoon-fed learners.  They need to be innovators and take charge of their education.
The literacy support to the STEM topics in Creative Connections – STEM Edition, appears in the second round of this card game.  That’s when players must use the connections they have created in the first round to develop a story in the second round.  Again, this is easier said than done because kids generally don’t see further than the primary function of an object.  They also generally see that item as the subject of the sentence.  Challenge the young player to use a simile or a metaphor in addition to the “creative connection” and they fail to see the “connection.” 
According to one mother of a nine-year-old, “Creative Connections – STEM Edition challenged my son to go beyond the obvious to devise unusual connections between two common objects.”  Her son agreed.  He said, “This cool game made me think! Can we play it again?” Music to a mother’s ears! 

So, how do you teach children to THINK?
Trigger the creative thought processes with a minimum of information
Harness the natural curiosity of kids with incentives to consider natural connections
Ignite their interest with a fun, challenging game or motivation
Nourish their love of STEM, language literacy, and character education with food for thought
Kindle the ability to think by offering a minimum of answers to their questions

When teachers and parents use the THINK process, they will produce children who are better able to solve problems, both intellectual and emotions.  They will produce children who are achievers and leaders rather than blind followers.  And they will produce children who will be strong, active members of their school and community

Are you ready to help you child THINK?  Then order a copy of Creative Connections – STEM Edition at or Creative Connections - Picture Edition for nonreaders of all ages at   Or if you would like to receive one of these games as part of a Fundable reward, then check out your options at  You will be able to help your own children develop better thinking skills, or you might consider donating the reward for an underprivileged child through the Care Bags Foundation.