Friday, November 1, 2013

New Characters Go Viral

The EnteleTrons™ spread the message that logic and respect are better ways to solve conflict than violence, bullying, and weapons.  Though their efforts in their books, these endearing characters show children about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) topics while modeling strong moral behavior.  Young readers learn how the natural world works while they also learn valuable lessons in human interaction.  

Entelechy Education, LLC needs your help to spread this message in two ways:
  1. Support our Indiegogo campaign at  You will get lots of fun "rewards" just in time for holiday gift-giving.  An added bonus will be the satisfaction that you will be helping us to create more books in the series.  Want to suggest your own topic for the next book?  Do you have a pet peeve you'd like to see as the next focus?  Then scroll down the Indiegogo page to the Ning's Team and the other Enteletrons' teams. Add that level of support and we will incorporate your ideas into our next book!
  2. Follow our Thunderclap effort at  All we ask is that you click on the "follow this organizer" button and then share this information on your Facebook or Twitter page.  When we reach 100 followers by November 14, 2013, the EnteleTrons will go viral through the Thunderclap network.
We appreciate all of our supporters, followers, and customers who see the potential for greatness that we see in helping children to understand STEM topics while they learn  about character education.  See more information at our website:

Please join us on our path to creating The EnteleTrons™ Cartoon Series!