Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our view of the perfect world with character education

In a perfect world, children would be tested on their ability to:
  • Empathize with people in pain
  • Develop creative solutions to their own problems
  • Accept that everyone should be appreciated for their differences
  • Save money and spend wisely
  • Read and follow directions
  • Respect authority
  • Assist anyone in need
  • Complete a task, even one that is distasteful to them
  • Beautify their world
  • Be proactive about their own health
  • Seek and accept help when needed
  • Assure their safety and the safety of others
Because when children learn these basic principles, learning academic and practical subjects becomes so much easier.  At Entelechy Education, LLC, we are helping to create that perfect world because we feel that character education and academic education should be integrated into a single learning experience, whether that is a book, game, or even a lecture.  See how we do that at www.entelechyed.com.

If you agree, add your own new abilities to be tested below....