Wednesday, June 25, 2014

An Interview with The EnteleTrons®

The folks at Blogpsot interviewed The EnteleTrons® to find out why they have earned a Mom’s Choice Silver Award and have been endorsed by International Children’s Literary Classics.  Priti is a proton that is a “positive” influence on others.  Ning is a neutron that is a great mediator.  And Ellie is an electron that constantly looks for connections.  Together they form The EnteleTrons®, a team of subatomic particles that make up the entire world.

Blogspot: What is The EnteleTrons® strongest characteristic as action figures? 
Priti: We have integrity.  We know what needs to be done and to it well.  We respect that others have needs that don’t match our own.  We choose to do the right thing so children will understand what should happen when they encounter a problem.

Blogspot: How are your settings different from other stories? 
Ning: They take place in an imaginary earth-like world.  The pictures you see in our books may look a little different.  For example, the rainbow in Where’s Green? is missing one color for a while.  That would never happen in a real earth environment.  We like interacting in these earth-like worlds because it allows us to be creative and explore many options.

Blogspot: Why don’t you use human characters in your stories?
Ellie: We want all our readers to relate to our stories, no matter their ethnicity, gender, age, weight, disability, etc.  By having only anthropomorphized characters, children can understand human characteristics without seeing them in other humans.  It’s a great way to teach children to respect and appreciate others’ differences.

Blogspot: What take-away message do The EnteleTrons® provide in their stories?
Priti: We like to think that kindness and consideration are the basis for interaction with everyone.  But there are many other positive attributes we like to show – like good sportsmanship, honesty, and reliability.  But when you think of it, every good personality trait boils down to having respect for others, and that is our primary take-away message.

Blogspot: Everyone has something that really annoys them sometimes. What is your pet peeve? 
Ning: It bothers me when the universe doesn’t stay the way we put it.  Something always manages to mess it up, but we are determined to maintain order.  We are patient and organized in how we solve the problems we encounter.  I also like to return to the EnteleLab to use scientific instruments to help explain a situation to our readers.

Blogspot: What topics do you enjoy most? 
Ellie: I love anything related to STEM.  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are fascinating.  I recommend that kids have fun exploring everything in the natural and built world when they aren’t in school learning reading, writing, history, and the arts.  Our website even has an EnteleKids Exploration Club where young readers can find interesting topics and earn badges for their STEM-C® Notebooks!

Blogspot: Thank you very much for joining us today.  We learned a lot about how The EnteleTrons® deliver their message of STEM knowledge with character education and language literacy.  We look forward to many new adventures of The EnteleTrons® in the future!

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