Monday, April 8, 2013

Help your child establish his or her own Reading Cave

Dad has his “man cave” if he’s lucky.  Mom has… well… the rest of the house.  Kids need their own special space for reading exploration.  We call it the EnteleCave™.  Here’s how it works:

1.      Start with an enclosure.  Consider these options in order of $$ spent to implement:

·        An unused closet (but who has those in their homes?)

·        A table covered with a sheet

·        An old leaky tent (after all, you’ll just be using it inside)

·        A crafty transformation of an old playhouse (see

Believe it or not, my father made me a reading “boat” from found materials and a sheet sail.  I wish I still had a picture of it outside of my own memory.  But you can see what an impact that simple act had on my future as a reader and an author!

2.      Ask your child to help personalize his or her EnteleCave™. 

·        Pillows for relaxing

·        A light so he or she can see the books. CFLs contain mercury; LEDs contain carcinogens. Ordinary electric lights contain zaps. Batteries can get expensive. What's a parent to do? You can make your own decisions, but we think that the Dorcy 41-1035 Rechargeable Industrial Lantern would serve nicely! 

·        Stuffed animals to share stories with

3.      Add books

·        Naturally, you’ll begin with Where’s Green? our premier book in The EnteleTrons™ Series!

·        Add other books on a variety of topics.  Try to expand your child’s knowledge by adding fiction and nonfiction; science and biography; adventure and history.  Note: I recommend that you read each book before you put it into the EnteleCave™, judging it for violence, racism, and appropriate reading level. 

·        Rotate books regularly by trading with friends or using the local library’s discarded book section.  Certainly, you can use real library books in your child’s EnteleCave™, but they might get lost in there when it comes time to return them.  Discovery Kids Cardboard Color and Play Play House

After you implement this fun and easy encouragement to read, see how excited your child becomes when you say, “TV off, EnteleCave™ on!”  We would love to see your child’s reaction posted here on this blog!

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