Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Innovation in Education: Reducing “The Burden of Knowledge”

Technological progress --- and the creation of a new knowledge base --- continue at a very fast pace and some will argue that this pace is accelerating.  A very interesting piece of research, published by Benjamin F. Jones, reported the adverse impact of technological progress upon innovators --- and described this effect as “the burden of knowledge.” 

Essentially Jones posited that knowledge accumulates as technology advances, therefore, successive generations of innovators face an ever increasing educational burden.  Jones measured this impact in terms of lengthening education, narrowing expertise, and very interestingly, an increase in age of first invention and specialization.  Essentially, although technological progress continues at a rapid pace, because there are more innovators, it takes each of us longer to learn what is already known before we can innovate. Certainly this makes sense. 

But, what if?  What if we were able to deploy a strategy to reduce some of this burden of knowledge for our next generation of innovators?  What if we were able to teach some basic STEM concepts at an earlier age, in a way that is engaging, taking full advantage of our current literacy curriculum for early elementary school children? 

This is the basis for Entelechy Education, LLC. 

Entelechy Education, LLC, presents a unique teaching approach integrating STEM and character education themes within the literacy curriculum. Entelechy Education, LLC resources help children grow to achieve their scientific, technological, engineering, mathematical, character, and literacy potential in a world filled with opportunities.

The EnteleTrons™ and all of us here are up for the challenge!


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